Sunday, March 15, 2015


Ladies ,  don't send your men out the door wearing just any old thing they put on.
Made of battle proven  maile and leather, turn that hu- hum Laird to a dashing  Ser  and protect his vital organs from those pesky assassinations and small folk projectiles!
Make sure your biggest asset (his title, holdings and your station) is well looked after!

                                           = GOT Chainmail & Leather Jerkins? =

Up next, something for your Lord, lover, stable boy, house servant -ANY MAN- in your life!
A great piece of  clothing suitable for feast or everyday wear for comfort and ease of use This is truly an every man must have piece of clothing!
 Leather Laces down the front say" I'm not one of those soft eunuchs from down in Astapor. " my man still has all his =parts= and the clothes to prove it!

                                                              = GOT Mens Tunics? =

You've seen him, tall long haired dirty sweaty well muscled and bare-chested.
You know you felt your special place tingle just a little- winks-
Ladies, Indulge your fantasy with the one you were forced to wed.
M'lords BE the fantasy to countless women in all the lands!

                                               = GOT Leather Vests? =

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